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With a modern purpose-built workshop and factory-trained technicians, you can be assured of top-quality work undertaken by professional people.


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We service, repair, customise, re-build and MOT motorcycles. We are happy to use the consumables of your choice thus protecting any warranty concerns.






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We at AFB do remember that it is your bike, and if you want to embark on that custom project or the use of non factory parts we are only to happy to help. You can expect impartial advice based on the job’s merit and therefore purchase in confidence. We will not bully you into towing the factory line either. Your bike, your choice, you are always the priority.

We are an official MOT test station and are sympathetic to the needs of the custom biker.  We can always find the solution to any specification issues you may have and take a “real world” approach to your bike.


Frequently Ask Questions

Answers to some of the most asked quetsions concerning motorcycle maintenanc.

General Questions

Prevention is better than cure. adhering to a regular service schedule prevents problems arising. Problems can be nipped in the bud before they become terminal.

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle is essential for a safe and smooth ride. Consult your manual to know when to change your oil, lube the drive chain, check tires and brakes, clean the air filter, inspect fuel lines and battery regularly. It is also recommended to purchase specialized motorcycle insurance with coverage for third-party damage as well as one’s own injuries and bike. Roadside assistance can be added for extra convenience; this offers 24/7 emergency road service like tire and battery changes, trip interruption reimbursement and more. Taking these steps will ensure that you remain safe on the open road!

Not all oils are the same, check for the appropriate viscosity and grade. Don't compromise with a cheap product, it's false economy 

Pay attention to taking courses in areas like motorcycle repair, engine systems, suspension and digital technology. These courses can give you the extra expertise and understanding you need to be successful as a motorcycle technician.

Pay attention to taking courses in areas like motorcycle repair, engine systems, suspension and digital technology. These courses can give you the extra expertise and understanding you need to be successful as a motorcycle technician.

Riders can usually tell immediately if their bike sounds or feels different. Most fuel injected bikes have an engine management light on the dash to indicate a problem. If in doubt consult professional advice

Periodically, a mechanic should inspect your motorbike at least every six months or 2,500-4000 miles, as failure to do so could be life-threatening. Hence, it is essential to maintain timely servicing of your motorcycle.

Generally, a motorcycle can sit for around a month before someone needs to ride it. However, beyond that period of time, it must be adequately prepped for storage. If you're unfamiliar with the process of storing a motorcycle, we've created an informative guide which may be found on our website.

MOT Questions

The tread pattern must:

  • be visible over the whole tread area
  • have a depth of at least 1.0mm throughout a single band of at least 3/4 over any section of the breadth of tread round the entire outer tyre circumference

There is no specific calibration as yet for noise. the official wording is this:

The exhaust system and silencer should be in such condition, or of such a type, that the noise emitted from the motorcycle is not clearly unreasonably above the level expected from a similar motorcycle with a standard silencer in average condition.

An MOT is a test of minimum standard. The test confirms that your bike is in a condition whereon it will not endanger you or other road users. once you have obtained an MOT this does not mean that your bike is in A1 condition!

You can ride to and from a pre arranged MOT test even if your road tax has expired. You must however be insured.

Your bike must be tested on its 3rd year after first use. from there on it is required to be tested every year. You can present the bike for test up to one moth early without losing your full 12 months effectively giving you a 13 month test.

This comes up a lot. Motorcycle plates must be 2 line from Sept 2001 onward, earlier may be 3 line. 1 line are not permitted

Colour, pre 1980 can be black background with white, grey or silver letters, post must black letter on a yellow reflective background. 

Size. essentially they should be 7" x 9" landscape or portrait. there are variables if you have a less than 7 digit registration or containing 1's for clarity on the matter refer to the testers guide: MOT