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Badlands Turn Signal Module 73-90



Badlands’ new Turn Signal Command Kit allows you to activate your turn signals by just pushing the button once, NOT holding it down.

Your turn signals will flash approximately 9 seconds, with the option to cancel manually. If more time is required you simply reactivate the system by pushing the button again.

Badlands’ Command Kit features a built-in flasher relay, and built-in Load Equalizer to operate turn signals from as low as LED’s to up-to 100 Watts per side, as well as an integrated Emergency Flasher. So when you are tired of struggling to hold in your turn signal button, pull in your clutch, operate your throttle an apply your front brake all while making a turn, then the Command Kit is the answer.

Also great as a direct replacement for your old broken OEM canceller or when you have removed or replaced your OEM speedo.

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Weight 1.00 kg

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