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Power Commander V


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Introducing Power Commander V

Dynojet is proud to introduce the New Power Commander V. The new Power Commander V is the latest in engine control technology from Dynojet. The PCV is very compact, yet offers expanded features and options, with tremendous control over your engine management system.

  • Smaller unit – less than ½ the size of PCIIIusb
  • Unit powers up via the USB – no need for 9v battery and adapter
  • 2 position map switching as standard – switch not included
  • Gear and speed input as standard
  • 5v analogue input as standard – boost, temperature, MAP etc
  • Enhanced Accelerator pump feature – vastly increased adjustment
  • Optional control unit to allow 8 injector mapping
  • Operates with Dynojet LCD display and Dynojet quickshifter
  • New and improved software suite
  • Enhanced Quickshifter control – Adjustable kill time per gear and time between shifts.
  • Twin CAN ports for integration and expansion
  • OBD On board fault diagnosis

Improved Mapping Features

  • PCV allows -100% to +250% fuel adjustment
  • User definable map break points, upto 96 x 96 break points (10 Throttle position break points as standard, up from 9 for the PCIIIusb)
  • Individual mapping/maps per gear
  • Individual mapping/maps per cylinder
  • Individual mapping/maps against 5v input
  • For example a mapping per cylinder, per gear could result in 24 individual fuel maps

Also new for the Power Commander 5 is a separate available Auto-Tune kit. The Auto-Tune kit includes control boxes, two M18x1.5 Wide Band O2 sensors, and weld-in sensor bungs required for models with three-wire type pre-heated O2 sensors or that do not have O2 sensor bungs at all. Plugs directly into the PC5 and allows automatic fuel adjustments while riding. It can map each cylinder separately for each gear if needed (basic settings would make one map for all gears). Each map cell is individually adjustable so you can specify an exact Air Fuel Ratio value for each area if needed. This allows the tuner/user to select specific AFR targets for idle, cruise, and large throttle opening areas. By doing this you can automatically tune the cruise area for best fuel economy while at the same time achieve maximum power at wide-open throttle. If Dynojet does not have the exact map for your combination of parts you simply need to choose the closest one and let the Auto-Tune kit do the rest. These special maps are downloadable at www.powercommander.com


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F. Fits 883 Sportster 2015 to present

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H. Fits 1200 Sportster 2010-2013

I. Fits 1200 Sportster 2014

J. Fits 1200 Sportster 2015 to present

K. Fits Touring 2002-2006

L. Fits Touring 2007

M. Fits Touring 2008-2013

N. Fits Touring 2014-2016

O. Fits Touring 2017 to present   

P. Fits Softail 2001-2006

Q. Fits Softail 2007-2011, except 2009-2011 FLSTN, FLSTSB & CVO models

R. Fits 2007-2011 FLSTN Softail

S. Fits Softail 2012-2015

T. Fits Softail 2016 to present

U. Fits Dyna 2004-2006 (2006 models without O2 sensors)

V. Fits Dyna 2006-2011 (2006 models with O2 sensors)

W. Fits 96 and 103CI Dyna 2012 to present

X. Fits 110CI Dyna 2016 to present  

Y. Fits V-Rod 2002-2007

Z.Fits V-Rod 2008-2011

1. Fits V-Rod models 2012 to present

2. Fits XR1200 models 2009

3. Fits XR1200 models 2010-2013

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