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Badlands Load Equaliser



When installing aftermarket marker lights as replacement for the stock turn signals on Harley-Davidson which have a self cancelling system, the Load Equaliser must be used. It will return amperage draw to correct factory specification, as the self canceling Brain Box must have the correct draw in order to function properly. Both the Load Equaliser I and II perform this function, while the Load Equalizer II has the added feature of allowing you to retain emergency flasher capability. It has a built-in thermostat which retains 

Note: The load equaliser I and II units are not designed to be used in parades or with the bike running for an extended period of time. The Load Equaliser III unit can be used in this situation.

1. Load Equaliser I, for self cancelling turn signals

2. Load Equaliser II, for self cancelling turn signals and emergency flasher function

3. Load Equaliser III, for self cancelling turn signals and emergency flasher function, works with OEM installed TSSM security/alarm module

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