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Mikuni HSR42 Carburetor Easy Kit



The Easy Kit allows you to install the carb with stock air filter and cables. More about the HSR Series

Mikun HSR42 / HSR45 / HSR48 carburetors

Mikuni's HSR42, HSR45 and HSR48 carburetors are the finest motorcycle carburetors made today. They give superb throttle response and deliver all the air flow needed for any level of Harley performance.


Twin Cam Performance:

The simple addition of an HSR42 "Easy Kit" together with high flow air cleaner and exhaust modifications can increase power by 25%. Here is a typical result:
72.2 Horsepower
80.7 ft./lbs Torque

The Easy Kit dramatically improves the power of the H-D Twin Cam engine and delivers unmatched throttle response and acceleration! Maximum horsepower is typically increased from 58-60 to 72-75 HP, and Max torque from 71-73 to 81-85 ft/lbs. This example "before and after" power increase was produced with the combination of the Mikuni HSR42, a Screamin' Eagle Air Filter and a set of (loud) Screamin' Eagle mufflers.


Polished HSR series carburetors (42, 45 and 48mm) are available for the custom builder. Mikuni takes special care to insure that the polishing is of the highest quality. The polished HSR42 and 45 carburetors are not available in kits and must be purchased separately. The HSR48 is only available in kit form, plain or polished, which do include a choke cable. Many dealers routinely exchange the standard for a polished and chromed version in kits they sell.


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