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Spectro Platinum Synthetic Transmission Oil




The Ultimate in High Performance transmission lubrication. Spectro Platinum Synthetic gear lubricants are specially formulated using state of the art synthetic fluids and advanced additive technology, to give your Harley-Davidson transmission the highest quality protection and lubrication.

The full synthetic transmission oil drastically reduces the internal friction, increasing the life of your expensive drive train.

This transmission oil has unsurpassed thermal stability and protects critical components at temperatures higher than any other conventional transmission oil. Spectro Platinum Synthetic transmission oil provides: Low drag, high efficiency, easier and smoother shifting, reduced fuel and maintenance costs, total protection of the gears and bearings, total seal compatibility and superior performance.

Spectro Platinum Synthetic transmission gear oil is compounded with rust and corrosion inhibitors, anti wear additives and de-foamers. Its high viscosity index (SAE 75w140 GL-1) will not thin out excessively, even under the most severe operating conditions. Highly recommended for curing “noisy” transmissions. Sold in shop cases of 12 bottles, or single bottles of 1 US quart (0,946L.).

Carriage is the same cost up to 10 quarts

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