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S&S introduces a P Style engine that features a real retro look, but also features modern and updated technology. The Panhead engine, which was produced from 1948 until 1965, has been hailed as the coolest looking classic engine of all time. The new P-Series engines from S&S capture that retro styling from the 50's and 60's, but with 21st century engineering. Keep in mind, that as cool as these motors look, they are not reproductions. These engines are built to run! P-series engines are available in three styles to fit 1948 thru 1999 style chassis. One engine style is designed for 1954 thru 1964 style tin primary applications. These 1954 thru 1964 style P-series engines can also be installed in 1948 thru 1953 chassis if a 1954 thru 1964 style inner tin primary cover is used. Another engine fits 1965 thru 1969 style chassis using the early alloy primary. For retro custom applications, an alternator/generator version is offered that will fit any stock or custom 1970 thru 1999 style chassis. Engines are available in 93 CI (1524 cc) in a high and a low compression as well as a 103CI (1688 cc) version. The 93" high compression and 103" engines come standard with dual plugged heads. The 93" engine will fit nearly all stock style frames. The 103" engine is .300" taller than the stock engine and will not fit in stock frames without modification. Although the S&S P-Series engines have a high classic cool factor, they are primarily designed to deliver performance and reliability. Engines come complete with S&S Super Stock ignition and S&S teardrop style air cleaner. Both 93 CI versions have an S&S Super E carburetor, the 103 CI models come with an S&S Super G carburetor. Is this the engine you'd want for a 10 point show grade restoration? Probably not. But how about a show grade retro custom? Absolutely! A daily rider? Of course! There are many advantages to using readily available, modern parts. Performance improvements aside, the ability to obtain high quality replacement parts is high on the list! A gratifying burst of speed from a big inch engine, and a quiet valve train are great, but being able to repair your bike without having to scrounge for obsolete parts makes it even better. The easy availability of replacement parts could make the difference between leaving your bike in the garage and riding it every day. Like we said, these engines were built to run!

The motor here is 93" generator style, there are also options for 103" and alternator style shown in the 2nd image please ask for details

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