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S&S V-Series Engine


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Need to replace a worn out Evolution Big Twin engine without breaking the bank? Or want to tear up the asphalt with a Dyno proven high performance engine? Look no further as Zodiac offers the widest range of reliable S&S engines, ranging from 80CI (1,340cc)-an impressive 124CI (2,035cc). S&S has made the best combinations of bore, stroke, compression ratio, camshafts and so on and backs this up with a warranty of up to 3 years. These engines are nearly stock height, making them easy to fit in stock and stock style frames for 1984-1999 Evolution engines. All engines supplied with a Super E carburetor, Super G carburetor or with fuel injection come complete with an S&S teardrop style air cleaner. Carbureted engines also include an ignition as indicated. Engines do not include an alternator stator and rotor, install with stock or aftermarket alternator. All engines come assembled by S&S technicians and, except for the V80 engines without carburetor and ignition, including engine oil, oil filter and S&S workshop manual.
The perfect engine to replace your aging 80CI Evolution Big Twin. When you still have a good ignition and stock Keihin CV or stock replacement Mikuni, S&S Super E or other carburetor you can get an engine without carburetor, air cleaner and ignition. Tests on the S&S Dyno have shown an up to 40% increase in horsepower and an up to 18% increase in torque over what a stock engine in good condition supplies. "S" Short block has no rocker box or hardware. "L" Longblock is a full engine assy


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